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Catharina N. N.Age: 71 years15801651

Catharina N. N.
Given names
N. N.
Married name
Catharina Bißmeyer
Birth about 1580

MarriageJost BißmeyerView this family

Birth of a son
Adolph Bißmeyer
about 1610 (Age 30 years)

Quelle: KB. St. Johannes der Täufer; */oo/+ Reg. 1657/1677, S.

um 1630?

Marriage of a childAdolph BißmeyerCatharina Gretike N. N.View this family
about 1634 (Age 54 years)
Birth of a grandson
Johann Bißmeyer
about 1635 (Age 55 years)


Falsche Eltern

Quelle: KB. St. Johannes der Täufer, Riemsloh; oo/+ Reg. 1700/1784; S. 10

um 1675?

Birth of a granddaughter
Catharina Bißmeyer
about 1640 (Age 60 years)
Death of a husbandJost Bißmeyer
about 1651 (Age 71 years)
Death of a daughterElisabeth Bißmeyer
after 1651 (on the date of death)

Death after 1651 (Age 71 years)
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