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Elisabeth EnseAge: 40 years16301670

Elisabeth Ense
Given names
Married name
Elisabeth Sandfort
Married name
Elisabeth Nelling
Birth about 1630 50 45
Death of a paternal grandfatherHenrich von Ense
March 9, 1630
Marriage of a siblingGerhard MoveAnna EnseView this family
about 1635 (Age 5 years)

Birth of a sisterCatharina Ense
about 1640 (Age 10 years)
Marriage of a siblingAdolf EnseAngela NagelView this family
about 1640 (Age 10 years)

Death of a fatherHenrich von Ense
1644 (Age 14 years)
Marriage of a siblingArnold SchmeddesAnna Maria EnseView this family
before 1650 (Age 20 years)

Marriage of a siblingGeorg EnseMargaretha NorthaußView this family
about 1655 (Age 25 years)
MarriageOtto NellingView this family
May 31, 1657 (Age 27 years)
Marriage of a siblingPhilipp EnseChristina OstendorfView this family
about 1658 (Age 28 years)

MarriageJohan SandfortView this family
October 26, 1660 (Age 30 years)
Marriage of a siblingHenrich StaelCatharina EnseView this family
December 7, 1664 (Age 34 years)
Death of a motherEva Gröne
April 6, 1665 (Age 35 years)
Death after 1670 (Age 40 years)
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